Wild Horse
James J. Roberts

Ah! To ride a wild horse
across a wild reach of beach
with neither need of course
or destination for to reach!
Ah, to race into the wind
then with it, back again
...to home...
and to where I've been!

Winter Night
James J. Roberts

The clock
of night
winds down
...last logs
hot upon the fire,
of winters past
in sparks
that fly
too fast
up the flue,
to ride
the tide
winter night.

Vegan Mandela
James J. Roberts

Eat-not turnips Sund'y
lest you meet on Mond'y
the "winds" rising into Tuesd'y
that leave you homeless Wednesd'y
with recovery coming Thursd'y
and remnants clearing Frid'y
for a pleasant-aired Saturd'y
and turnips again
on Sund'y.


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Autumn Woods
James J. Roberts

Winds whistling
through the trees
whisper voices
in dappled leaves
that whisper yours
somehow...to me.
And in their whispers
eyes I see
that whisper more
in single looks
than all the words
in all the books
I've yet to read
or can conceive.


James River Stone
James J. Roberts

A pebble in a stream
I found
bound in mysteries
all around
of how it got there
and from whence it came
and where it went
before came I
discovering it
pinned beneath
a serpent's head
deep within
a river bed
where it had long ago
both healed
and bled
heaven bred
but raised
here below
half alive
and, yet, half dead
naked in its shell
of cold and river wet 'til
held it in my open palm
and studied it:
this naked river stone
that now so treasured is
and which I do not own,
but am owned by it.

Old Poet's Lament
James J. Roberts


Who set the clock
of telomeres
in each and every
cell of ours,
in every bone
and joint we see?
Whose trick is this
that wrinkles skin
and tangles brain
as we age,
yet youthful
leaves the soul?


(Mr. Roberts, a member of the League of American Poets, is published in numerous print and electronic publications and is a frequent radio and television guest.  His poetry also appears in the soon to be released,  "Treasury of American Poetry - III", ISBN: 0-9743429-8-X.)

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