The Secret of Bliss

James J. Roberts

Speak a little softer
Laugh a little louder
Sing a little sweeter
Work a little longer
Love a little deeper
where all we have
is sky
and all the sky is
--- is blue.


Good Frigid Women
James J. Roberts

I know frigid women
by husbands deplored;
but, oh,  frigid women
should not be ignored!

For when frigid women
meet men they adore,
they rumple the bed sheets
and wriggle and roar!

So Rambo, you fool,
you sad sack of pride,
why weasel and whine
while he ransacks your bride?

For all I observe is
she's evened the score
for names that you've called her,
for each slap - and more.

Dedicated to the world's self-obsessed (and deluded) "Rambos"...and to the good women who become smart enough and strong enough to leave them.



James J. Roberts


Sure!  I値l stop loving you...

when skies aren't blue

and water isn't wet

when every lie is true

and I win every bet

Then I値l stop loving you...just not yet

...not yet.


I値l stop loving you

when seasons cease to change

and flowers don稚 need rain

when summer isn稚 warm

and mornings have no dawn

Then I値l stop loving you...just not yet

...not yet.


I値l stop loving you

when all my dreams come true

and doves no longer coo

when waterfalls fall up

and babies don't grow up

Then I値l stop loving you...just not yet

           ...not yet.


I値l stop loving you

when music has no notes

and songs leave every throat

when there's no quarter time

and my dreams are not mine

Then I値l stop loving you...then...

                      ... just not yet...

                                             not yet.


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in the Stream

James J. Roberts

I've come
to catch your voice,
    to fly on it
to green and golden Grace.
though I ride it far and wide
I leave it in its place,
a pebble in the stream,
    in which I see
your face.


James J. Roberts

A crevice in my heart I hunt
to find and close it shut,
but to keep you in
or keep you out?
I know not now
which one.


Finding Love
James J. Roberts

Look as long as you will
for as hard as you will
 whenever you will
wherever you will
as far as you will
and still you will
not find
is not there
nor ever will
you look
where it Always IS
(and ever's been).
So why not look
there - now?


James J. Roberts

    oblivious to my stare...
you focused instead
on the words you read,
the halo of your hair
back-lit by the glare
of a bedside lamp,
one that had watched us love
     listened to us feud
     weathered our cold     
     when we made up        
          watched again
                when again
we loved.


James J. Roberts

kissed you
while you slept
you turned
kissed me back
I...I dreamed.

Listen, Think,

James J. Roberts

It's difficult
to hear
with innocent ears
after so many years
of fears and tears
bring loneliness
closer than Love.
here we are
still here
after all these years
still trying to hear
with long-lost
innocent ears
a song we know the music of
if not the lyrics
of Love.

James J. Roberts

True Love
is only for those
strong enough
to endure It.

(Mr. Roberts, a member of the League of American Poets, is published in numerous print and electronic publications and is a frequent radio and television guest.  His poetry also appears in the soon to be released,  "Treasury of American Poetry - III", ISBN: 0-9743429-8-X.)

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