James J. Roberts

Sing us the story,
the one with the words
not simply sung
about mysteries in places
far beyond the sun!
The one where dreamers run
and where only Love is real,
where hatred is a game for fools
and every child loves school,
where guns melt down to make
new garden gates
and where our dreams
become our fate.
Ride us on the Light
beyond the Sun
to secrets there
that tell how all things
go and should be done
from muons in an atom's heart
to the workings of our souls.
Sing, Poppy! Take me there,
I'm ready
to go
and ride
the sky
at night
...astride the light of stars...
to places neither near or far
(...or even "was" or "if" or "are"...)
to where all things end
before they begin
and then "begin"
and "end"

Sing, Poppy!...of height without descent
where time and space do bend
starts, middles ...and even ends
into is-es without whens again!
Sing all straight lines to curves, Poppy,
and crooked things to straight again
in the place where seconds
never end
before they begin
and then begin
ten thousand times
ten thousand times again
to twist back in upon
then through themselves
to come back out

Sing, Poppy! Sing us the Song of Light
where every "place" is here
and every "now" is then
where yet-to-be's all have been!
Where "there" is everywhere
and everywhere is here.
Where here and there
tomorrow and today
...and even then and now...
all wear the self-same face.
Let's play where
every where and every when
are nothing more than IS
and IS is ten thousand times
ten thousand times

Sing, Poppy! Sing us the Music of the Light
that rides us all
to where "might-have-beens"
all already have been...
and been ten thousand times again!
To where every room and door
... and more ...
are known to us
and lead again (as "before")
to yesterday's tomorrows
then back again once more
to the Here-and-Now-and-Always Door
where all ifs and whens and thens
combine all "was-es"
with all "there's"
to begin and end and begin again
as they softly bow and bend
to the Almighty Everlasting
that always ever was
and will be without end
as 'round and 'round life goes
and then comes back again
not only once
not only then
...but ever always, and ever when.

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School Boy Summer

Breezes, sunshine soft
in the summer of a youth,
are cruel, too,
when amorous persuasions
rise and fall
devoid of thought
...or want
...or will
on little more
than reflections of
a girl
in windows
as she walks



from school.  

(Mr. Roberts, a member of the League of American Poets, is published in numerous print and electronic publications and is a frequent radio and television guest.  His poetry also will appear in the soon to be released, "Treasury of American Poetry - III", ISBN: 0-9743429-8-X.)

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