A Few Thoughts:

Honor all who Think, Feel, Work and Create!  They are the hope of the future.

There is "balance" in Life.  For instance: Those who do nothing with their lives have ample time to criticize and condemn those who are doing something of importance with theirs.  This is balanced by the fact that those who are busy doing something of significance with their lives have no time for or interest in those who are doing nothing of significance with theirs.  Balance.

Don't be snooty.  Ditch diggers, carpenters, and fishermen are often more interesting...and more valuable to human kind...than kings and queens or corporate "masters of the universe".  But scientists - ah, scientists! - they walk closest to the Mind of God!

Respect all who refuse to take credit for the work of others.  No matter how successful or wealthy, they are bankrupt of soul.  Remember that not all who hold Nobel Prizes  - deserve them.  Many stole them from the men and women who earned them.

"Honors" don't matter.  Ideas, work, compassion and accomplishments - do.  Kindness does.

Always stand with the generous and gentle and with those who refuse to be controlled by fear, ignorance, or greed.  They are the hope of the world. 



Post Script to the "Rightious":  We are ALL "born again" in this world.  The first time we have little control over -- the second, we do, for that is the nativity through which we give birth to ourselves, creating ourselves into the image of our own choosing.  Choose carefully.

Some create themselves into wealth-chasers, comfort-seekers, power-grabbers or prestige-mongers, in a mad race to achieve an illusion of worldly "security".  Others give birth to new selves who consciously seek or create the Good, the True, the Intelligent, the Kind and the Beautiful in Life.  Ironically, only the latter group achieves Peace, which provides them life's ultimate wealth, true comfort, genuine power...and Life's only real security.

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Meet award winning writer, poet, journalist - James J. Roberts. 

Chosen "Poet Fellow 2006" by Noble House Publishing, London, England, Roberts irreverently shreds commonly cherished  concepts of life, love, government, justice, politics, religion, social "correctism" and even the politics of war with a unique blend of wit, whimsy, compassion, consternation and laugh-out-loud humor.

A life of "close calls" gives Roberts unique perspectives on what matters most in life...and least. Pauper, painter, soldier,  sailor - Roberts has been a marine naturalist, a commercial fisherman, navigator, and narrator.  He is a father, son and (to some) an un-holy ghost.  An investigative reporter, documentarian, editor, and educator, he has also been a union agitator,  sculptor, flutist, court advisor, TV anchorman and network radio special assignment correspondent.  He plays "bad piano and worse  guitar" by self admission, and has earned livings as a ditch digger, foundry worker, carpenter, plumber, electrician and statistician.  A trained marksman, former PBS-TV host, DJ, sleuth and student of particle and astro-physics, Roberts has formally studied Communications, Chemistry, Biology, English, and Psychology, with side lines ventures into neurology, oncology, theology, and other "ologies" - from ichthy- to myth-.  He's carved cadavers for medical research and now helps save lives globally by brining state-of-the art medical supplies into poor and terror stricken countries such as Sri Lanka,  Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, Nepal, and India.   Readily admitting that he writes "lousy poetry" in order to "waste spare time", he claims "98.3% of it is mediocre-to-awful and the remainder is not worth wrapping fish in...but I keep writing it because it's just too damned difficult to stop!"

Roberts, who is a member in bad standing of the League of American Poets, Poets Against The War, and The American Society of Poets, is also a contributor to www.Poetry.com and has been published in numerous print and online venues.  Excerpts of his work also appear in:

Treasury of American Poetry-III

The International Who's Who in Poetry

Centres of Expression

The Sound of Poetry (3 CD set), ASIN: B000QNNOYA-----

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